Meet Kami Tobey: Expert in Life Enrichment & Memory Care

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Meet the experts: Kami Tobey, Director of Life Enrichment and Memory Care

Kami oversees the life enrichment and engagement across our entire community and has been with Clarendale Senior Living for almost four years! She loves enhancing the lives of all residents by getting to know them on a personal level, ensuring programs and events are tailored for them. “Everyone has something to share with the rest of the community, their own gift, and seeing them open up and contribute is the best gift of all.”

The Clarendale community has become an extended family for Kami, even celebrating in the recent birth of her first child, Lincoln Kent. Residents have offered advice on being a mom and enjoying all the special milestones along the way. “I feel blessed with so many ‘extra grandparents’ watching over him!”

A Sense of Purpose

Tapping into each person’s individual purpose is important to Kami and the entire team at Clarendale. Watch this quick message to learn about how our Heartfelt CONNECTIONS – A Memory Care Program® promotes well-being and maintains a sense of purpose, dignity and quality of life for the residents we proudly serve.