Resident Testimonials

Resident Testimonials

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Resident Testimonials


Lynn, 2022


"I’m on a cruise ship going nowhere — excellent staff and great facilities. I’m impressed after my first three weeks." - Testimonial from Anonymous 

"[I] wouldn't want to live somewhere else. Lots of wonderful activities to do. Every staff member is amazing. They all know your name and are consistently ready to assist in every way. The housekeepers are so great at keeping our apartment and building spotless. Always respectful and caring. They anticipate your needs. The food and servers are amazing." - Testimonial from Cindy B.

"I experienced a caring, homelike atmosphere from the moment I entered Clarendale of Algonquin. It has continued throughout the process of transitioning my mother to assisted living. [name removed] was so welcoming. Her introductory words were so perfect for me. I was assured that she understood my mom's needs and would meet them with excellence. Her ambassador — [name removed] — helped my mom navigate her way through all the new experiences in assisted living! Her timing was so perfect! She addressed my mom's concerns with excellence and was so caring. The staff has gone above and beyond to help her. [name removed] and [name removed] activities and help has brought her so much enjoyment! The nurses and quality care assistance have gone above and beyond in meeting her special needs! She is very social and enjoys the bistro and sitting rooms for visitors! She loves the dining room and room and is proud to have visitors join her there! [name removed] - her physical therapist is excellent!" - Testimonial from Mary P.

"Clarendale of Algonquin is my choice of residence. The staff is extremely friendly and courteous. The management team is available to residents and works very hard to recruit appropriate staff and make efforts to overcome help shortages. I reside here because I am very satisfied with the overall operation." - Testimonial from John F.

"My mother had been living with me for six years. While living with me, she participated in life events: dinners with my kids and grandkids; outings; exercise classes; and dinners out through the local senior center. Her life was full. Last August, for a variety of reasons, my mom needed to move into memory care at Clarendale of Algonquin. I am happy to know that my mom's life continues to be full of the activities offered at Clarendale. I call my mom each week. (I live in Seattle, WA). Because she participates in activities every day at Clarendale, we have things to talk about. She tells me about the 'horse racing' and the young 'fella' that leads the exercise class each morning. She tells me about going on a walk to another hall, where they play instruments or sit outside in the sun. She tells me about the concerts and the special guests that come to entertain. I can't imagine her life without the activities. I can tell each week that she is excited to have something to share with me. As we talked yesterday, I asked if she had played balloon volleyball lately. ‘Oh, no,’ she said. ‘We play another game now. We all sit in a circle and kick a very large ... {she couldn't think of the word ball) .... around. It is so much fun!’ I asked her If they laugh while playing. ‘Oh, yes!!! Sometimes we kick the ball up, and it lands on someone's head. We all laugh so much.’ And then she said this ... ‘You know you're in a good place in your final years when there is such fun and laughter!’ You’re right, Mom. And I am so grateful for the joy I sense in my mom's voice each week as we talk. I am so grateful for those that provide activities for my mom. Her life continues to be full." - Testimonial from Donna R.

"Maureen was extremely helpful with our ever changing situation. Clarendale’s personnel is compassionate and sympathetic with the residents. They keep the family updated on any concerns they are having. The community is clean and invite, so far a positive experience." - Testimonial from Lydia T.

"The facility is beautiful and the staff has been wonderful in all areas. The tour gave an excellent overview of the amenities and apartments available. Take comfort in knowing your family member will be cared for. They have many group activities for residents including movie night, bingo, a craft room, a bistro for snacks, Wi bowling, and various social gatherings to choose from." - Testimonial from Susan


"A wonderful place to live with the care. Food and cocktails, it is like being on a cruise."- Testimonial from Gary


"I am very pleased that my sister is getting on so well. Thank you, Peter for helping my family gain perspective on living in a community with dementia. With this knowledge our apprehension faded and thank you for keeping every promise, for that we are eternally grateful. I see a new star in my sister’s eyes and we thought we had lost her forever, I have no words to describe that feeling. You all have our deepest respect for the difficult job that you do, keep it up!" - Testimonial from Nora M.


"Food is great! You would be gone from early morning to late afternoon to get in all the activities done. I love that there are so many." - Testimonial from Richard

"They help people so much. They find out what people need and then help them get whatever. We need more places like this!" - Testimonial from Anonymous


"I am enjoying life in this community. People are friendly, and there are plenty of activities. All is well." - Testimonial from Dorothy


"My caregiver Debbie D is wonderful. Caring and always ready to help me. My family is so thankful for Clarendale, and so am I." - Testimonial from JoAnn


"Clarendale has been a great home for my mom. I just left Peter’s office and I am ecstatic he runs the show there. He walked in and said hello to us during lunch and him and my mom went on and on like Archie and Edith. He had her laughing and that made me feel so much better about our rocky start with mom moving out of our home. Kudos to all the wonderful staff. I couldn’t be more pleased and happy for my mom." - Testimonial from David R.

"My Mother moved in about two weeks ago. I was very stressed with having flown her back to IL this same day and having to move her in there on the same day too. Clarendale made it seamless and stress free. Their dining food is excellent! The nurses and the Care Assistants keep me informed on her medical progress, care and activities she is doing. I would highly recommend the Clarendale for anyone who is looking for quality care for the family." - Testimonial from Dawn R.


"The staff, especially Maureen, made the process very smooth for my mom to move in. Everyone was very kind and welcoming. They have a great staff with very good communication! My mom just loves the facility!" - Testimonial from Karen H.


"I have never seen my wife [name removed] in such good spirits and seems to be like a different person after being placed in your facility. We talk a lot and I come see her when it’s available and everyone treats you like your part of Clarendale’s family. Best decision I made was to place her with you." - Testimonial from Michael S.


"Almost a year ago, we needed to find a place for my Mom to live as she has Parkinson’s. At that time that we were looking, she didn’t need much assistance. But we knew, that in time, like now, she would. We needed to find a place that would be there for her through this process. We are soooo happy that we found Clarendale of Algonquin!!! The caretakers there are AMAZING!!!! They truly go out of their way to help my Mom, especially through trying times. Thank you Clarendale of Algonquin for working hard to find good employees that are truly caring people!!!!" - Testimonial from Cat J.


"Thank you, Clarendale. We are so grateful for all you have done for our family. My aunt and uncle have been treated with such kindness and compassion by every one of your staff. It was such a difficult transition moving from their home of many years. Soon, they loved their new home and all you offer. My aunt says she feels loved and cared for like family. We are thankful for the excellent leadership of the new Executive Director, Peter Franken. This pandemic has been uncertain and scary, but we are so reassured by his commitment to the safety and well-being of the residents and open communication with their loved ones. Thank you again. Words can’t express our gratitude."- Testimonial from Jennifer M.

"I would like you to know how much I think of your staff!! They are very hard workers! Always will help at once. Thank you for the kindness you have the best of the best. Thanks again."- Testimonial from Dorothy O.

"I enjoy living here. The staff is very easy to work with, pleasant and helpful with all my questions and requests. I would recommend Clarendale to anyone I know."- Testimonial from Lorraine R.


"On the day we moved my 95 yr old uncle into Clarendale, Algonquin, we had many staff members, from several debts drop by to meet & welcome him. The staff has been extremely helpful & friendly. It made a difficult day easier. Thank you [name removed] & staff!!"- Testimonial from Phyllis S.

"This past Friday, our chef and his staff served the best salmon I have ever tasted. He called it Baked Salmon En Croute with Saffron White Butter Sauce. Along with him mouth-watering entree, creamed mashed potato, a seasonal medley of vegetables and, of course, choice salad and dessert. Count not stop bragging about it to my family."- Testimonial from Betty S.

"The Clarendale senior community has been a blessing for my parents! They relocated back to Illinois in the fall and were very apprehensive about any type of assisted living community- since their relocation they have been very pleased. The staff helped my parents transition into the community. My parents found it to be very welcoming, respectful, and caring. Both parents love the warm and friendly community and most importantly they love the caregivers (QLS’s) and nurses that assist them. The community is lovely, offers much to do, and my parents apartment has everything it needs. As their daughter, I appreciate all the love, respect, and help that the Clarendale staff has provided my parents. The quality of care is OUTSTANDING!"- Testimonial from Doris G.