Northwest Herald – Tips for a Successful Gardening Season

couple gardening

By: Josh Kaufman (Sponsored)

Hello Spring. It’s time to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. For many of us, that means getting out to our garden for another growing season. Your green thumb may be a bit rusty, so let’s get it ready to work again. Whether you’re a senior, seasoned gardener or first-timer, grab some gardening gloves and start prepping for the season. 

Buy Your Supplies Develop a plan. What are you going to plant in your garden? Do you need to make your garden bigger so you can add tomato plants? Check your current supplies to see what you can re-use from last year. Then head to your local garden center armed with your plan and get what you need. 

Clean the Garden A lot can change over the winter. Remove weeds, dead leaves and fallen branches. Add new topsoil with composted materials and organic fertilizers. And don’t forget to clean all your gardening tools. 

Plant Flowers and Vegetables You definitely don’t want to plant too early in case there’s still a chance for a hard freeze. For most, planting around Mother’s Day is always a good time. 

Stay Active and Enjoy Your Garden The prep work is done, now let the fun begin. It’s time to tend to your garden. For Seniors, this is a great activity to add to your daily schedule. Being outside has plenty of benefits from breathing fresh air to allowing the sun to brighten your mood. Plus, tending to your garden can be exercise. Sitting and standing while you move around your garden picking weeds or vegetables can be good for arthritis and your joints. Carrying a basket of vegetables or fruits back to the house can help build some strength. And finally, use the garden to enjoy time with family and friends. Have your grandchildren over to help pick vegetables or enjoy a meal together with items from your garden.

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