Northwest Herald: 3 Key Reasons Memory & Respite Care Programs Are Vital

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northwest herald

Clarendale 2020

By: Denise Freese (Sponsored)

The coronavirus pandemic has had a devastating effect on the senior population.   Many adult children, now realizing how their elderly parents have been struggling, are looking at options for safe, personalized care.   Here are 3 reasons why memory and respite care programs are extremely important right now:

  1. With many people working from home and maintaining a small social bubble, they’re spending more time with elderly loved ones and noticing how they’re struggling.   “More families are noticing memory problems and risky behaviors with the older generation,” explained Maureen Vande Logt, Director of Community Relations for Clarendale of Algonquin.   “It’s been a real eye-opener.   We’re able to quickly find an appropriate living situation for seniors who need short-term or ongoing assistance.”
  2. The pandemic has created terrible situations for seniors without family close by.   “There’s a lot of desperation right now, particularly for seniors without family,” added Vande Logt.   “We get calls from neighbors, Police and Fire Social Services, hospice providers, and the Senior Volunteer Network, which performs wellness checks.   We provide memory care and assisted living, along with respite care from 1 to 3 months.   Respite care is great for testing the waters to see if your elderly parent is a candidate for memory care.”
  3. Families are realizing that living in a care facility is the best option for their elderly loved one.   “Many seniors with memory problems don’t remember how to prepare healthy meals, do laundry, take medications, or perform other rituals of self-care,” said Vande Logt.   “At Clarendale of Algonquin, we follow very strict safety protocols and have extremely tight restrictions on visitors and deliveries.   It’s safer than being exposed to non-isolating family members and grandchildren on an ongoing basis.”

Clarendale of Algonquin has been, and continues to be, a Covid-free facility for staff and residents.   For more information about memory care, assisted living, or respite care for your senior loved one, contact us today.